Services – Offsite Data Backup

We have been offering our clients a fully secure offsite data backup service from Attix since 2004.  The service uses UK based servers which are mirrored to two locations and offer a fully encrypted and secure solution.

Prices start from only £10.00 per month.  Don’t take a chance with your most valuable asset – your data – call us today for a no obligation quote and free trial.

Not only does Attix provide an excellent, automated and secure daily backup of your critical data, it also provides a means to access that data from anywhere in the world.  Typically, you will be able to recreate any file that has been stored at Attix from any point over the previous month and those files are accessible from any internet connected device.  Our existing customers can access stored data by clicking on this link Attix Remote Access.  Please contact us if you require any help with this service.

Please use the Enquiry Form on the Contact Us page to arrange for a completely free and no obligation 2 week trial of Attix.

Ransomware Attacks – Continuing Threat

So maybe you thought that the threat of a Ransomware attack had subsided.  Maybe the hackers have moved on to other threats.  The media have been fairly quiet about such attacks since the notorious Wannacry assault that affected the NHS along with large companies around the world.

Unfortunately, that is not the case as this short video posted on the BBC website on 24th June 2019 shows:

Norsk Hydro are one of the world’s largest corporations.  They suffered a Ransomware attack and very bravely decided not to pay the ransom.  The attack affected 22,000 computers worldwide and has cost the company an estimated £45m to date.

In a further development, a leading UK Forensic services company, Eurofins Scientific, has admitted that it paid a ransom following a cyber attack in June 2019:

It is not only large corporations that find themselves the target of these attacks.  We have experienced two attacks on “home” users and one on a small company in Surrey only last year.  The small company had been Attix/Backup-Pro customers since 2005 and had never had a need to use the recovery service.  Last year they suffered two Ransomware attacks within a month and we were able to provide their clean data from before the attack on both occasions on a USB pen drive – allowing their business to recover from the attacks each time.  In all three examples there have been two attacks a few weeks apart.  Having a reliable offsite data backup service that stores multiple copies of your data is critical to recovery from such attacks.  It is also an important element to being GDPR compliant.